Here are answers to some commonly asked questions. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us at hello@doorbarrefitness.com!


Door Barre Setup

  1. How do I set up my Door Barre?

 The Door Barre is made to be user-friendly and easy to set up. Simply position your Door Barre at the height you want it to be, wrap the straps around the back of the door, and pull tight!

If two people are setting up the Door Barre, then we recommend that one person holds it in place while the other feeds one strap through the hinge side of the door and brings the other around the open side. Depending on which side your door hinge is on, you may have to press the buckle while feeding the strap through the hinge.

If you’re just one person, we recommend feeding the strap through the hinge side of the door first and letting it hang. Then, hold the Door Barre at your desired height as you reach around to grab that hanging strap and bring the free end through the webbing. Pull tight!

(Insider tip: There’s a video of this whole process available on our Door Barre Fitness streaming site!)


  1. Will the Door Barre work on my door?

 The Door Barre was crafted with interior doors in mind! The heavy-duty webbing is long enough to wrap around any door, no matter the width, and you can feel confident that your Door Barre will stay in place on whichever side of the door you prefer.


  1. What if my door doesn’t close all the way?

You’re in luck! The Door Barre works on any interior doors, including ones that don’t shut completely; for doors like this, we recommend positioning your door barre on the side of the door that you pull to close.


  1. How do I adjust my Door Barre?

To adjust the placement of your Door Barre, loosen the webbing, move your Door Barre to the desired height, and then pull the straps tight again


  1. Will the Door Barre slide off my door?

Thanks to the rubber backing and durable straps, you can feel confident that the Door Barre won’t slip and will hold your weight at whatever height you place it.


Door Barre Fitness Streaming

  1. How do I access Door Barre Fitness streaming classes?

Head to our homepage to learn more about your two-week free trial of Door Barre Fitness classes and for a link directly to our streaming site so you can start to sweat, sparkle, and sculpt from home!


  1. Can I cancel my streaming service anytime?

Yes! You can cancel anytime. But, remember, sticking with it is how you get stronger. 


  1. Can I purchase just the Door Barre and not sign up for the streaming classes?

Yes! The Door Barre can be purchased on its own without any commitment to the streaming service. BUT, you do receive a two-week free trial of Door Barre Fitness classes with your purchase of a Door Barre, so why not check it out?


  1. Can I stream from anywhere?

Anywhere you have internet or data!


  1. Where should I put my device when taking the streaming classes?

We recommend placing your device on a nearby chair, table, or just the floor! For iPads or phones, maybe try a tripod stand.


  1. How long are classes?

Classes range from 30-minute full-body workouts to 10 or 15-minute specialized classes and are available at all different levels. Here’s a list to help you find what class (or combination of classes) is right for you:

 30-minute classes:

Barre Beautiful (for those just easing into barre)

Barre Party (take it up a notch)

Barre Hard (turn it all the way up)

Barre Ballet (for the dancer at heart)

Barre Cardio (get your heart rate up)

10 to 15-minute specialized classes:

Barre Arms & Abs

Barre Thighs & Glutes

Barre Glutes & Abs

Barre Arms & Legs

Barre Abs

Barre Legs


The Better Barre Experience

  1. What are the Sweat Sparkle and Sculpt from home enhancements?

The enhancements include a workout ball, booty band, and long band for arms. We use these in the Door Barre Fitness streaming classes to level up your barre workout.


  1. What Should I know before my first Door Barre Fitness class?

Expect to work hard and feel good. Barre is all about balance, endurance, and motion and as you tone your muscles you can expect to sweat a little…and sparkle, of course. If you’re new to barre, we recommend starting with a beginner class and focusing on having fun!


  1. What should I wear for class?

Dress to move! One of the best parts about barre (and working out at home) is that you can wear whatever keeps you comfortable, cool, and mobile.


  1. Is barre right for me?

In addition to toning, barre is also great for relieving pain, aligning your body, correcting your posture, and, believe it or not, it’s an excellent workout to do during pregnancy! At Door Barre, we believe that barre is the perfect workout for all fitness levels, and our streaming service provides everything from beginner to advanced classes.


  1. What are some tips and tricks for getting into barre?

Door Barre Fitness is all about having fun and making the most of your Door Barre. Whether your goal is intense toning or simply to get your body moving, we have a class for you. When just starting out, remember that consistency is key, perfection is overrated, and enjoying yourself is the best reward.


  1. What’s different about Door Barre Fitness?

All Door Barre Fitness classes are taught by founder Nikki Branning who has led a long, successful dance career and trained with the best in NYC to become an effective and captivating barre instructor. With Door Barre Fitness, you’ll get a workout and a dance break all in one, and our goal is to create a strong, positive community of individuals passionate about feeling healthy, happy, and in love with their barre routine!


Travelling with my Door Barre

  1. What do I need to know before travelling with my Door Barre?

At 23” long and only 3 lbs, the Door Barre is made to stow away easily in your luggage or carryon without putting you over that ever-tricky baggage weight limit. You can store your Door Barre flat or on its side—whatever works for you and your packing style!


  1. How do I know my Door Barre will work on doors where I’m staying?

The Door Barre is designed to work on any door, so you don’t have to worry about showing up somewhere and not being able to keep up with your workout routine (unless there’s no doors!). To learn how to set up your Door Barre on a new door and tips on the best side to place it, see above.